events and activities

Activities on French Island

Here are just some of the activities on French Island.

  • bird watching (and keep an eye out for echidnas, koalas, and other terrestial wildlife
  • star gazing, although close to Melbourne, there is little artificial light, so the stars come alive
  • single track bicycle exploring
  • bushwalking
  • swimming
  • guided nature interpretation walks
  • bird watching
  • exploring the historic prison and chicory kilns
  • camping

Activities at the Tortoise Head Guest House

As well as being the ideal base for your activities on French Island, the Tortoise Head Guest House hosts activities such as:

  • birthday parties
  • weddings
  • work retreats
  • social club functions
  • short breaks
  • murder mysteries and special theme entertainment nights
  • karaoke nights
  • restaurant nights
  • farmers market

Please call to discuss any of these events or any other event you would like to hold on French Island.