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Energy System

French Island, Victoria, has no electricity grid, natural gas, water supply or waste-water network.
Like all properties on French Island, the Tortoise Head Lodge provides it's own energy,
In October 2011, the old electricity generation system which had been gradually added to and modified many times was nearly completed replaced. From October 2011 to February 2012, the back up diesel generator only operated twice, for a total of six hours.
The system installed comprises:
Solar photovoltaic: 24 panels, each nominal 24 volts, 185 watts, (array approx 4.5 kW) manufactured by Silex Solar, supplied by Genesis Now .
Batteries: Trojan deep cycle, 1050 amp hours (system 48 volts, DC), supplied by Able Solar .
Inverter: Selectronic, 7.5 kVA, supplied by Genesis Now .
Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), Outback, supplied byAble Solar .

The new system detail design and installation was completed Able Solar .
Conceptual design was completed by Genesis Now ., with invaluable assistance from Mr Nick Wardrop (thanks Nick !!)

In February 2012, the solar PV system was complemented with a 1.5 kW wind generator, supplied and installed by Wind Turbines Australia ..
This replaces an pre-production prototype of an Aerogenesis wind turbine, which was installed when the Westwind Bergey turbine was destroyed by an accident during routine maintenance.
We will post performance results for the WTA turbine, when we have more experience with it.