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Murder Mystery

Murder Mysteries and Theme Events, on French Island

Isn’t Dressing up, indulging in fantasy, and going to parties is something that kids do?

Yes, but so can adults (because it's fun).
You have probably heard of murder mysteries. So what's the attraction? Perhaps surprisingly, it isn't the Mystery.

The real attraction is being able to play a character, especially if that role is quite different to our image which others may have of us.
Scrounging for a "costume" adds to the sense of anticipation and festivity.

How it works

You decide you want to have a great weekend away with a group of friends (from 8 to 20 adults).Call us and together we can decide on a theme for a mystery.
(Our themes, events, and mysteries are tailored to your group, special occasion, and the venue. They are not boxed standard products;). We will send you character cards. Select a role for each participant, and distribute the cards. Your friends will prepare by thinking about the role and obtaining a costume (using their existing clothes creatively, raiding op shops, etc.).Your group will cruise to French Island, close to Melbourne, yet sufficiently isolated and different from Melbourne to allow your group to let its hair down and enjoy the event. You enjoy a relaxing afternoon, forgetting the city and enjoying the tranquility and beauty of your setting. Later, everyone arrives for dinner, in costume and in character. The mystery is played out before and during dinner.

How to Host a Great Theme Event

Discuss your requirements and your group with us. As well as arranging an event customised to your requirements, we can arrange tours, trivia, themes, etc. Try to assign people a role which is out of character.  You will be amazed to see the normally shy person being loud and outlandish, the very feminine and demure young lady being a rough red-neck.  It allows everyone to jump out of their normal role. Pick a venue which is away from the group's normal stomping ground. This too allows everyone to exercise their imagination and enjoy your event.  

Events Available

We are very flexible and keen to produce just the right event for you. They don't have to include a murder or a mystery, it's up to you.
Please note that the themes are often updated, to maintain a fresh set of choices (who wants the same mystery twice?)
If you have some ideas about a special event which would suit your requirements, please contact us.
We can arrange a theme menu and decoration to complement any of these and other events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds great, but what does it cost?

An event is provided as a package with dinner. Most people booking also add a 'Bed and Breakfast' package. The current prices of Murder Mysteries, and Bed and Breakfast packages are on our tariffs page.

Do we need a mystery?

No.  Everyone has heard of "murder mysteries" but the fun comes from preparing for and playing out a role, and seeing our friends do the same. 

When should I book?

These events are popular, so allow six weeks from now. 

Other questions?

Please phone  03 5980 1234.